You have two main texts for this class, both of which are free and the latter available to to you as part of the University of Arizona.

Online Statistics Textbook

Lane, D. (2016). Online Statistics Education: A Multimedia Course of Study. 2nd ed. Houston: Rice University. (PDF backup)

Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study is a resource for learning and teaching introductory statistics. It contains material presented in textbook format and as video presentations. This resource features interactive demonstrations and simulations, case studies, and an analysis lab.

This is a free text that covers nearly everything we focus on in this course. It is also available as an e-Pub ebook file for those who want to read it on a Kindle or other e-reader.

Manga Guide to Statistics

Takahashi, S., & Trend-pro Co Content Provider. (2008). The Manga Guide to Statistics. San Francisco: No Starch Press. Available for free through the UA library website.

The Manga Guide to Statistics from No Starch Press

To access the Manga Guide, you’ll need to go through the University of Arizona library. The link provided should take care of that. Note that while this text doesn’t address everything we we need to in this class, what it does is provide you with a very accessible, entertaining supplement to many of the concepts. If you’re fine with just the Online Stats Book you’re welcome to ignore the Manga Guide entirely.

Having said that, the appendices and supplemental exercises are pretty useful and are avaiable as Excel files and in R, so checking them out is encouraged.

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