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Total points: 150

Example questions

Here are a few examples questions that are similar to ones you will see on quizzes. There is no penalty for guessing on quizzes! It behooves you to answer every question, even if you’re unsure of the answer. Be sure to choose the best answer from the choices given as occasionally there will be multiple correct answers but only one best answer.

True for false

The following is the equation for determining the standard error of the mean.

\[\sigma = \sqrt {\mu _2 }\]

Multiple choice

Upon viewing the distribution in test scores, you notice it is negatively skewed. Does this mean most students scored poorly (ie, had low scores)?

a) no
b) yes
c) need more information

Use a data set

Given the following data set…

3 4
5 4
4 7
8 13
15 2

What is the mean of Y?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
e) Not possible to determine given data

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