Your participation points in this class come from two areas: class attendance and Slack discussions/chapter questions.

Total points: 36

Class attendance - 12 points (2 pts, 6 weekly meetings)

Each week we will meet via Zoom (link in D2L) to go over that week’s content, ask and answer questions, look at the software we’re using, or whatever we need to bring up that week. Some class meetings will last longer than others but we have the entire 6-8pm time slot blocked and available.

If you are unable to attend the live meeting you are required to watch the recording and submit your “in-class notes” to the appropriate D2L dropbox. If you attended the class meeting you will not need to do this and you will not see a dropbox for submitting notes. The dropbox may not appear until the day after the class meeting, so if you watch the recording immediately after class, just hold on to the notes until the dropbox appears.

The attendance policy is also explained in the syllabus.

Chapter questions - 24 points

(Below is the example from Week 1, Chapter 1. Each week’s chapters follow the same basic process.)

Remember! For Slack posts involving chapter group questions, answers, and responses, use the following convention at the beginning of your post – a lack of the code means it will not be graded!

Group 3 picking their question would start with: G3Q
Group 4 answering their own question would start with: G4A
Group 5 responding to another group’s answer would start with: G5R

The Slack markup code for writing those would be: *G3Q* and so on, as *s around text make it bold.

Pick a question from OST Chapter 1’s Exercises section that one one else has selected yet, and post how you solved it. Respond to one of your classmate’s answers by the due date.

  • 1 pt per each chapter’s Slack channel (initial post AND response)
  • no partial credit for initial post only or response only

You might be asking yourself: How do I know no one else has chosen that question? You should choose your question early and post it in the Slack channel, claiming your spot! When you go to choose your question make sure you’re looking in the chapter channel to verify you’re the first.

Steps to completion

  1. Choose a question from the end of the chapter in the section called “Exercises” to answer. Post the question and your answer, and make sure to justify your response.

    For example, if you determine that a type of statistic is descriptive, provide your reasoning being specific about the problem presented and your answer.

  2. Next, respond to another students’ answers by asking a question for clarification, providing a personal experience, posting a thought-provoking question, taking a controversial, but professional stand, adding something new to the conversation, quoting another student’s comment and add an additional idea based on this comment, etc.

    Your responses should be respectful and offered in a professional manner. You may wish to review the behavior Course Policies to help frame your response. Remember, you will be responding about the specific idea, issue, or question.

Do not consider question #9. For question #10, show detailed calculations.

You may not answer a question that has been previously addressed.

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