Activity D Description

This activity explores research. The setup:

Find and read a quantitative research article from a field that you find interesting. This article can later be used in your Final Project, so pick something you really are interested in.

Upload a PDF that includes:

  1. The article citation

    You do not need to upload the article. This must be in APA format and include the article abstract.

  2. Research methods and study design

    Summarize these in your own words! What kinds of methods and design choices have we covered in class that you see in your article? Which are new to you? Do you believe they’re most appropriate given what the article is claiming?

  3. The hypothesis tests in the research study.

    Again, summarize in your own words! You may need to interpret this from the article if the researchers do not directly state it. (Yes, this happens more often than you think.)

Use Google Scholar and/or the UA Library website to help search for an article. Check out the research guides on research, writing, and databases to help you in your search.

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